front view of the ring showing the garnet
viewing the face of the ring
front-angled view of the ring
another angled view of the ring
side angled view of the ring showing the filigree accent and single cit diamonds
side view of the ring
showing the filigree on the side and gallery of the ring

The Victoria Ring - Garnet Version


 A garnet sits at the center of this version of the victoria ring, in beautiful contrast to the white metal setting and the diamonds. This design was inspired by the grand victorian times. 

During this time period, coloured stones were favoured over diamonds and only recently have diamonds surpassed their status.

The garnet in this ring is surrounded by single-cut melee diamonds that were chosen for their unique fire and scintillation properties.

Early variations of single cut diamonds have existed on the market since the 1600s and they are often used in very high end watches for their attractive and eye-catching sparkle.
You don't see them set into rings or other contemporary jewellery often as they are not easily sourced and come at a premium, but they were used in many antique pieces where they were cut by hand under candle light.

The usual wait time for this jewel to be completed is 3 weeks as it is bespoke and made to order.
If you wish to have a different center stone, please contact us for more details.

This ring is available in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. It has hand-set diamonds, hand-applied finishes and details. 
All finish options are crafted in 20 karat gold.

Our bespoke items are not held in stock, thus returns are only permitted on a case by case basis. 

This item bears our logo and a metal purity mark
(833Au for 20 karat gold) and also comes with a certificate of origin documenting the serial number, authenticity, and purchase date.

additional details:

  • 1 oval cut garnet: approx 1.70 carat
  • 90 single cut diamonds: 1.10 carat
  • clarity: VVS/VS
  • colour: E-F

total diamond weight: 1.10 carat
total garnet weight: approx 1.70 carat

The garnet may have a slight weight variation due to availability at the time of order but it will not decrease in weight.

weight: 11.5g


width: 23.33mm
height: 29.46mm