view of the filigree brooch
front of the brooch showing the filigree work
back of the brooch showing the pin

Estate Filigree Butterfly Brooch


The handmade filigree that makes up this butterfly brooch could only be fabricated by a skilled jeweller and requires a lot of time.

filigree work has been around for thousands of years and is made by carefully twisting and curling silver wire (or other metals) into various shapes or decorative elements. In this case, it was made into a butterfly.

The decorative butterfly is made from .800 silver and measures 45mm x 28mm.

It's a lovely piece that you could have converted to wear as a pendant if you preferred. 

If you wish to have the brooch converted into a pendant, please send us an email and we will provide you with a quote. 

This item comes with a verification report from a certified independent appraiser.

additional details:

This brooch is in a butterfly form made from .800 silver.

materials: silver- .800

weight: 7.71g

width: 45mm

height: 28mm