view of the coral, pearls, diamonds, and carvings on the ring
view of the ring face showing the coral and pearls
showing the carvings on the shoulder of the ring shank
angled view of the shank and carvings
viewing the ring with the carvings showing
viewing the carvings on the side and shoulders of the ring
another view of the carvings
viewing the under gallery of the ring
angled view of the ring face
side profile of the ring
closeup of the carved gallery and setting
showing the ring on a finger
side angle view of the ring on a finger
showing the 18 karat gold hallmark

Victorian Coral, Pearl, and Diamond Ring


This half hoop ring was hand-carved during the victorian era and has a gorgeous angelskin coral cabochon set as the centre stone.
The coral is accented by pearls and diamonds. 

Coral has been used in jewellery since ancient times, often attributed with gods and goddesses and was very popular during the victorian era.
Coral is rare now and cannot be obtained for modern jewellery unless it comes from "recycled sources" due to bans on extracting coral since the 1970s. 

The coral in this ring is original and in perfect condition. It is a round cabochon cut.
The ring is hand-carved from 18 karat yellow gold and currently size: 6 ¾.
We would date this ring to be from the victorian era, circa: 1870s-1880s

This item comes with a verification report from a certified independent appraiser

additional gem details:

There are six rose cut diamonds in this ring and two half pearls on either side of the center coral. 

total diamond weight: 0.06 carat

  • 1 round cabochon cut angel skin coral: 7.00mm
  • 6 rose cut diamonds: 0.06 carat
  • 2 half pearls

total diamond weight: 0.06 carat

materials: yellow gold - 18 karat

weight: 4.33g

height: 24.46mm

width: 20.74mm