a tahitian pearl inside the myrtus pearl cage
top view of the holder with a pearl inside
showing the bottom hinge of the holder
closeup of the faceted pearl and the gold leaves
closeup view of the gold leaves
closeup of the pendant loop
a white south sea pearl inside the pearl cage
a golden south sea pearl held inside
a pink freshwater pearl held inside
a white south sea pearl held inside
the opening mechanism
a view of the myrtus pearl holder open without a pearl inside

Myrtus Pearl Cage


After a visit to what later became Aphrodite's birthplace and shrine, a person from the ancient world returns home carrying these beautiful pearls. The pearls were found where the water droplets fell off Aphrodite as she emerged from the sea, twisting and turning from the waves on the sandy beach to create this pattern. 

We envisioned a jewel being made to keep these gems safe and protected so they can be worn to attract luck and love.

Drawing inspiration from the leaves that represent Aphrodite, this pearl cage has a classic foliate motif. The leaves have a textured finish to add depth to the piece. 

Please find all pearl types listed below: They are 11mm in width by 13mm in length at minimum. 

A matching silver or gold chain is included with your purchase of the pearl holder set that includes the pearl inside. 

As always, this piece bears our logo, and metal purity stamps.

This is custom made piece and takes approximately 3 weeks to complete after the order is placed.