front view of the opal pendant-brooch
front view of the brooch showing the opals
rear view of the brooch showing the pin and back of the setting

Victorian Etruscan Revival Opal Brooch-Pendant


This opal brooch is in the etruscan revival style of the victorian era, which began with the discovery of ancient jewellery in the etruscan tombs just outside of rome in about 1870-1885.

Famous jewellers started to create handmade beautiful pieces that were replications of the jewels that were discovered or inspired by this trend in fashion and due to its popularity, it led to a mass revival of the etruscan style.

The opals are full of life in this piece and during this time would have come from australia. They are surrounded by cannetille style gold filigree. 

The pendant is handmade from 14 karat yellow gold.
It can be worn as a brooch or it also has an option to wear it as a pendant.

This item comes with a verification report from a certified independent appraiser.

additional gem details:

There are fifteen round cabochon cut and oval cabochon cut australian opals set into this pendant.

  • 15 round and oval cabochon cut opals: 5.5mmx4mm/3.00mm-3.50mm
  • victorian etruscan revival style (c.1870-1885)

materials: yellow gold - 14 karat

weight: 10.61g

width: 31mm
length: 41mm