Our Company

House of Vasa was founded in 2016, after a long time fascination with the different eras of jewellery design and history.
What began as a personal hobby collect jewels of different eras grew into a career through formal education(s) in the jewellery industry.

We wish to create an atmosphere for those who appreciate the history of jewellery and have curated pieces of interest that we hope will be enjoyed by all who wear them. We choose to curate vintage and antique pieces along with our own designs to offer a greater selection to our clients.

We take pride in providing our clients with unique jewellery that invokes a nostalgic sense, a fascination, and timeless elegance. 

When we create a design for our collection, a lot of time goes into it - we expect things to be perfect and accept finished pieces only if we ourselves would wear them and in quite a few cases we do!
No detail is overlooked, we've been inspired.
The design process can take many months to go from idea to drawing to finished product. 
Our choice of using 20 karat gold for these pieces takes luxury to a new level.

Our goal is to create pieces that you enjoy admiring each time you lay eyes on it.
We want to provide jewels to our clients that can be passed down and become part of your story.

For peace of mind, we provide a verification report from a certified independent appraiser for all antique or vintage items that are purchased from us.
Some items also come with GIA reports - this will be mentioned on the individual product page.

Each bespoke item from our collection (the imperial collection) comes with a certificate of origin documenting the serial number, authenticity, and purchase date of the jewel. Each jewel also bears our logo along with a metal purity stamp.

We guarantee the items that do not have a verification report to be as described.

Please feel free to contact us at: info@houseofvasa.com regarding any questions you may have about custom items, product information, return period, etc.