viewing a pearl in the net pendant
showing a gold south sea pearl in the gold net

Gold Pearl Net


Tangled in nets, a pearl rose from the ocean depths soon to be bathed with its first ray of sunlight. This moment is now forever captured in a net of luxurious 18 karat gold.

These pearl-net pendants are a perfect choice for any of our loose pearls: faceted, carved, or in its untouched form. 

They are handmade in Japan - one of the pearl trading centre's of the world-  from 18 karat gold, in the colour of your choice, and are made to fit round pearls 13mm-16mm in size or 17mm in size. Please choose your size below. 

Seeing as these are made to order, they can be modified to fit any pearl size.
Our custom orders are non-refundable as we do not carry them in stock and they are made solely for you. Please reach out to us by email if you have any questions.

For reference: the pearl pictured in the net is a Golden south sea pearl that is 13.8mm in size. 

If you have an existing pearl that you want a net made for, please send us an email here:

The current production time is 3 weeks plus shipping: We will update you each step of the way as the piece is being fabricated and on completion. 

additional information:

material: gold - 18 karat