conch shell shown facing front with the enamelling visible
front view of conch showing the enamelling
top of the conch shell showing the details
closeup of the hallmarks
showing more of the enamelling and slight wear
another view of the shell and enamel
showing the pendant/charm ring on the shell

Enamelled Conch Shell Pendant-Charm


Hold it to your ear and hear the ocean's waves!
The attention to detail is incredible on this conch shell pendant.
A lot of work was put into making this by hand, it even has the growth lines on the outside of the shell that form naturally as the conch grows in its habitat.

The shell is made from 14 karat yellow gold and has pink and white enamelling to resemble the inside of a true conch shell.

There is some slight enamel loss but that's normal due to wear and tear and it isn't enough to detract from its beauty.

The assay office mark of Birmingham, England is present and it has a date stamp which would place it circa: 1871-1872.

The shell has a ring on it, so you could wear it as a pendant or as a charm for a bracelet.

This item comes with a verification report from a certified independent appraiser.

additional details:

This realistic looking conch shell was handmade with pink and white enamelling and has english origins.

  • pink and white enamelling

materials: yellow gold - 14 karat

weight: 16.01g

width: 25.40mm

length: 26.41mm