view of the set
showing the suite of jewels
front of the pendant showing the missing enamel
closeup of the earrings
closeup of the earring hook

Victorian Gold and Enamel Floral Demiparure


This victorian era rococo revival demiparure set has a scrolling floral motif throughout and consists of an enamelled pendant and earrings. Enamel is considered a lost art as it is not easy to find an artisan who can still work with enamel, let alone make it perfect.
Each piece of scrollwork is different and unique, a good example is the two gold scrollwork drops from the earrings, they are both made as if to be swirling in different directions.
A lot of thought was put into this piece. 

The set is made from 14 karat yellow gold with blue, white, and gold enamelling.
The earrings have a lever back clasp, which is unusual today but is quite common for earrings from the victorian times.
Just considering how long these pieces have survived together, we think this set is something really special. 
Due to use with age, some enamelling is worn on the pendant and an earring.

This item comes with a verification report from a certified independent appraiser.

additional details:

  • blue, white, and gold enamelling
  • lever back earrings

materials: yellow gold- 14 karat

pendant weight: 3.41g
earring total weight:
total set weight: 7.62g



length: 46.07mm
width: 42.66mm
height: 6.08mm


length: 46.92mm
width: 13.58mm
height: 4.30mm