faceted pearls of different origins sitting in an oyster shell
showing all four faceted pearls types that are available
another view of all the faceted pearl types available
golden south sea pearl
pink freshwater pearl
white south sea pearl
tahitian pearl

Faceted Pearls



A perfect companion to add to your myrtus pearl holder: These pearls have a faceted surface which gives them a quilted look and is quite unique in how they reflect the light. 

The mythological origin of pearls gave us different creation myths across the globe: mermaid's tears; water droplets that fell from aphrodite as she was born from the sea; moonlight captured by oysters, to name a few.

Tahitian pearls: Tahitian pearls are not dyed and come by their colour naturally, they are from French Polynesia.

Golden south sea pearls and White south sea pearls:
both types are cultivated in Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar.

Freshwater pearls: These pearls are generally cultivated in China and come in a variety of colours.

We match these pearl sizes to fit into our myrtus pearl holder exclusively, so any pearl purchased here will fit. 

Please note that the pearl are not drilled as they are meant for our pearl holder or one you may have on hand. If you wish the pearl to be drilled, please send an email or leave a note on checkout. The time to have the pearl drilled and mailed out will be delayed due to the additional service.