front view of the brooch with flowing ribbon/ bow motif
front view of the brooch
Estate Diamond Brooch
rear of the brooch
Estate Diamond Brooch
view of filigree on the side

Estate Diamond Brooch


This estate brooch is handmade in platinum with a flowing ribbon motif throughout with accenting filigree on the sides.

The diamond set as the main center stone in this brooch weighs: 0.38 carat,
Si1 clarity, and G-H colour.

The two diamonds on either side of the center weigh: 0.30 carat, Siclarity, and
H-I colour.
There are one hundred and twenty-one diamonds scattered in the brooch that weigh: 2.30 carat, VS2-Si1 clarity, and G-H colour.

The brooch contains a total of one hundred and twenty-four round-brilliant cut diamonds that weigh approximately 2.98 carat.

Some of the most famous jewels have been made from platinum and it has been considered the height of elegance, sophistication, and glamour since the edwardian era.

The brooch is made from platinum, which is hypoallergenic due to it being a naturally white metal.

This item comes with a verification report from a certified independent appraiser.

additional details:

The three main diamonds are accented by one hundred and twenty-one diamonds that weigh 2.30 carat, G-H colour, Vs2-Si1 clarity.
There is a total of one hundred and twenty-four diamonds in this brooch.

  • 1 round-brilliant cut diamond weighing: 0.38 carat
  • clarity: Si1
  • colour: G-H
  • 2 round-brilliant cut diamonds weighing: 0.30 carat
  • clarity: Si2
  • colour: H-I
  • 121 round-brilliant cut diamonds weighing: 2.30 carat
  • clarity: Vs2-Si1
  • colour: G-H

124 round-brilliant cut diamonds in total.

total diamond weight: 2.98 carat

materials: platinum

weight: 21.60g

(as pictured east-west)

width: 61.26mm
length: 34.67mm