The cherry blossom pendants in different gold colours
front view of the cherry blossom
showing a close-up of the center section in greenish-yellow gold
another angle of the side view and center section
rear view of the cherry blossom showing the hallmark placements
a closeup of the pavé
closeup of the pavé
rear view of the pavé
Showing our bespoke cherry blossom pendant in available finishes
the cherry blossom before the diamonds are hand-set
the petals are drilled before the diamonds are hand-set (pavé)
rose gold cherry blossom in shaded sunlight
White gold with rose gold accents
Yellow gold cherry blossom
Rose gold cherry blossom with greenish-yellow gold accents
available gold colour choices with descriptions
The cherry blossom that inspired our design

Cherry Blossom Pendant


A springtime walk in the park while admiring the cherry blossoms led to the creation of this pendant.
Our cherry blossom pendant is based on an actual flower we photographed while inside the park.

The cherry blossoms stay for only a short time but now you can enjoy them all year long with this piece.

The cherry blossom is made from 20 karat rose gold, which is above the usual luxurious standard of 18 karat gold.

This version of the flower has a matte-finished, greenish-yellow gold pistil and stamen in the center while the flower petals, which are made from rose gold, have a polished finish.
There is a stylized bale in the form of a branch at the back of the pendant for attaching a chain through to wear.

There are two hundred and five round-brilliant cut diamonds hand-set into this piece, which weigh a total of 2.20 carats; VVS/VS clarity; E-F colour.

The pavé set diamonds are of varying sizes, which gives this piece another touch of the unusual, yet it flows together beautifully.
This is quite a difficult/labour-intensive task that must be done by a highly skilled pavé setter seeing as one mistake could ruin the whole piece, causing it to have to be remade.
The rear of the pendant behind the pavé has been opened to let more light into the setting and for ease of cleaning. 

The usual wait time for this jewel to be completed is 2-3 weeks as it is bespoke and made to order. 

We currently have three different gold combinations available - please view the last few images to see the combinations and some of the setting process.

our bespoke items are not held in stock, thus returns are only permitted on a case by case basis. 

This item comes with a certificate of origin documenting the serial number, authenticity, and purchase date. It also bears our logo, a metal purity stamp (833AU for 20 karat gold).

All bespoke pendants come with an 18 karat gold chain in their selected colour (rose gold with rose gold, etc).

additional details:

There are two hundred and five round brilliant cut diamonds of varying sizes pavé set into this piece.
They are VVS/VS clarity, E-F colour.

  • 205 round-brilliant cut diamonds: 2.20 carat 
  • clarity: VVS/VS
  • colour: E-F 
total diamond weight: 2.20 carat
    materials:  rose gold with greenish-yellow gold accents (as pictured - gold colours vary by choice) - 20 karat

    weight: 13g

    width: 31.82mm
    length: 34.16mm