viewing the pearls and cannetille work on the pendant from the front
side view of the pendant showing the details
viewing the rear of the pendant

Etruscan Revival Cultured Pearl Pendant

CHF 1,066.00

You don't come across these everyday!

The workmanship to make cannetille jewellery is quite difficult and considered a lost art in jewellery making.

The etruscan revival period for jewellery took off during the victorian period in about 1870-1880 when tombs full of ornate etruscan jewellery were found outside of rome. Jewellers worked to hand-make beautiful pieces that were replicas of what was found or inspired by this trend in fashion during this time. 

The original pearls may have been replaced at some point in time - it is possible they were damaged many years ago and replaced with the cultured pearls that are currently set but it doesn't take away from the beauty of this piece. 

A verification report from a certified independent appraiser is included with this item.

additional details:

There are twelve round cultured pearls in this pendant that are surrounded by cannetille work in yellow gold.

  • 12 round cultured pearls 

materials: yellow gold - 14 karat

weight: 6.11g

length: 35.47mm
width: 24.27mm
height: 11.80mm